Alaskan Arctic Adventure Tours

/ July 26, 2021

Alaska is located on the northwest tier of North America and is the largest state of the U.S. but the less populated. In Alaska you can have the opportunity to watch seals, whales, birds, arctic fox, and polar bears on a tour to the furthest point north in America in the heated comfort of the Alaskan Arctic adventure tours’ tracked off road RV vehicle. During winter months you may be able to walk on icebergs and get so much fun out of it. When the ice breaks up, whales, seals, and walrus are commonly seen.

The Alaskan arctic adventure tours start out from the city of Barrow, Alaska and travel along the Chuckchi sea to Point Barrow, which is the farthest point north in America. During the warmer months, there is usually a large variety of birds in the area as the Chuckchi and Beaufort seas meet at this point.

Most Alaskan arctic adventure tours include: arctic birding tour, winter photo tour, and arctic mushing tour.

The arctic photo safari gives an opportunity for the bird watching group of people to take pictures and record many species of birds. The usual birding season is every Mid May up to the first week of October. Those who come to photograph birds, the opportunities begin with April’s arrival of the Snowy Owls. The Parasitic Jaegers show up, along with more or less 200 other species of birds throughout spring and summer. Steller’s Eiders, Spectacled, Eiders, King Eiders, Sabine Gulls, and Yellow-billed loons are commonly found all the way through the Barrow area. In the fall, which is during September and October, the Ross’s Gulls and Ivory Gulls are seen around.

The winter photo tour, on the other hand, is based on animal activity therefore the time is spent out taking pictures. During the winter, which is usually from mid October until mid March, a special tour can be arranged to photographs polar bears on the Arctic Ice Pack. What is Alaska without polar bears? It is also during winter that Arctic fox may be seen in the caribou. Winter photo tour is a specialty for photographers who want ultimate experience and adventure in capturing the local animals’ activities in pictures.

Arctic mushing tour is actually a dog mushing or dog sledding activity, which happens to be the state sport. This tour offers a complete experience from the harnessing of the dogs to driving the team out on the tundra. This tour is called aptly called a “laugh in the face of danger” as it involves outrunning polar bears and wolves, dealing with the arctic cold, and surviving the activities with fearless determination. Isn’t this the kind of adventure you are looking for? Well now, here is the ultimate adventure that can surely satisfy your desire for an exciting escapade.

Alaskan arctic adventure tours may not have many selections, but the degree of adventure experience, especially the dog mushing, is way much higher than what you can get from diving or skiing,. In addition, the animals you get to see are only seen in Alaska. So, for an outstanding adventure, plan your Alaskan arctic adventure tours now.



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