Planning the Route of the Tour de France

/ July 26, 2021

For a race with the tradition and amazing legacy of the Tour de France, as much effort must go into the preparation of each year’s edition as the riders put into finishing the race in first place. The Tour de France is famous for its length, its variety, and the grueling demands it places on those who attempt to conquer it, as well as the other competitors. Therefore, the race...

Niagara Falls Helicopter Ride Tours

/ July 26, 2021

If you are given a chance to visit the Niagara Falls, how do you want to discover the whole beauty of the falls, from down below or from up above? Niagara Falls is a very big and famous tourist destination. There’s no question about that. But the question is how to enjoy the most of your tour. If you can’t get enough Niagara Falls view from a boat,...

Tips for Planning a Paso Robles Wine Tour

/ July 26, 2021

Are you looking to visit the Paso Robles area of California and take a wine tour? If so, you have hit the jackpot. In the immediate area, there are over 170 wineries, many of which are open to the general public. This makes planning a wine tour fun and exciting. Before sharing a few Paso Robles wine tour planning tips, it is important to focus on these tours. You may find variations...

Audio Tour of Naples, Italy

/ July 26, 2021

Italy is one of the ultimate tourist destinations around the world with millions of tourists visiting the country every year. If you are planning to visit the fascinating country famous for many popular dishes, sublime art pieces and magnificent historical structures, then you’re in for rare treat. Not only does Italy satisfy your gastronomical cravings, but you will also be treated to grand tours on its many historical sites....

South Africa Safari Tour Planning Do’s And Don’ts

/ July 26, 2021

You have always loved the idea of visiting a faraway place and seeing exotic sights. You also have an interest in photography, so you think that your next vacation should be a South African safari tour. However, there are several things that you will need to plan first before you embark on your South African safari tour. About South African Safari Tours The first thing that you should consider...

Great Cyclists of the Tour de France: Eddy Merckx

/ July 26, 2021

Eddy Merckx is regarded by many to be the best cyclist of all time. His tenacity and refusal to relinquish his own chance to win earned him the nickname, “The Cannibal”. Merckx is one of only five riders to win the Tour de France five times. He only competed in seven installments of the Tour de France to win such an incredible number of them, and also finished second once...

Picking the Right Travel Tour

/ July 24, 2021

From mountain climbing in the Rockies to volunteering with Children in Nicaragua to going on a wine tasting tour of Italy, travel tours exist for every imaginable vocation, avocation, and mild interest. Deciding which tour to take for your next holiday vacation can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Some simple advice and tools for preparation, however, can help you find a tour to fit what you want to do, what you have...

Mountain Bike Tours And You

/ July 24, 2021

If you like mountain biking and traveling, why not combine the two for your next vacation? There are mountain bike tours for every skill level of biker. All you have to do is choose one. Mountain bike tours are easy to find all over the world. An organized mountain bike tour is wonderful for many different reasons. The first reason is that it will offer you the opportunity to visit...


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