Planning Your Restaurants Layout And Floor Plans

/ July 26, 2021

The layout and floor plans should also be based on the type of service that the restaurant will give. Fast food restaurants and self-service restaurants would need less distance between the tables since the food won’t be served there. For other restaurants which provide table service, the space between the tables is very important so as to prevent too much clutter from happening in a specific part of the restaurant.

-Type of building

The layout plan is restricted by the type of structure where the restaurant will be built. You should be able to take into consideration all the different curves and the minor details in the structure before proceeding.


Proper lighting is very important for every restaurant. The lighting should be able to match the mood and the type of service of the restaurant. A relaxed atmosphere can be complemented by bright lighting while serene and serious moods can be accompanied by subtler shades.

Designing the restaurant will be divided into two important parts: the dining area and the production area.

The dining area is important because this is the essence of the structure of the restaurant. The people should be comfortable in eating in the restaurant and this will be determined as early as the designing phase. Studies have revealed that 50 percent of the time, people come in restaurants as pairs, 30 percent come alone while the remaining 20 percent usually come in groups.

The production area is the second major part of any restaurant. The main thing about the production area should be efficiency. The organization of the kitchen will determine the speed by which the food can be cooked and served. The production area design should take into consideration other things like space for storage, food preparation, baking, cooking, trash storage, production aisles, employee facilities and other such matters. Restaurant startup costs cannot be overlooked! Get $200,000 US Government Grants for new businesses. Claim your FREE $79 Gov Grant book!

In hiring design consultants, the restaurant owner should always remember to put a clause of confidentiality in the contract. This is to prevent the consultants from leaking certain parts of the design to other people, especially to the competitors. This can be as simple as a single-line clause which states that everything regarding the design will be owned by the client.

These are some useful things to remember in designing your restaurant. The most important thing to remember is the people who will be eating at the restaurant for they will be the ultimate lever of its success or failure.



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